Driven by purpose
Dr Joe Dusseldorp

Dr Joe Dusseldorp is an Australian surgeon who was first in the country to implant custom 3D printed ears in a number of young Australian children born with a congenital abnormality called microtia. His family ancestry is unique in having 5 generations of medical doctors.

He studied under some of the most talented surgeons in the world and has honed his skills as a reconstructive plastic surgeon having commenced training in France to working in Vietnam and the United States, before returning to Sydney, Australia. Today he works in clinical care for those needing reconstructive surgery following breast cancer treatment as well as other trauma related injuries.

By bringing 3D printed ear implants to Australia, Joe has already changed the medical landscape in procedures that patients would previously have needed to travel overseas to access.

Continuing his work in treating children, he has become a medical technology developer looking at implants to help those with Cerebral Palsy, a condition that results in muscle disability and the single leading cause of disability in children.

Driven by a deeper purpose in treating patients, Dr Dusseldorp’s segment continues Australian Health Journal’s People in Health Care series.


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