Australian Digital Health Industry Report 2020

Digital Health: The Sleeping Giant of Australian Health Technology Industry

In the first half of 2020 Australia has seen significant reform to reimbursement for telehealth and virtual care services, increased acceptance of digital health technologies by the medical community and patients, and a widespread recognition of the need to embrace digital health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for swift, wholesale change to the way we view healthcare in the modern world, however the advocacy and support for Australian Digital Health companies has been bolstered in recent years by ANDHealth, whose mission is to provide programs and support to digital health companies specific to the challenges of commercialising in the digital health sector.

The recently released ANDHealth report describes digital health as the sleeping giant of the Australian health technology sector, which, if
awakened, would achieve the triple aim of economic growth through high-value STEM-based job creation, increased advanced manufacturing and clinical trials activity, and sovereign health system capability and resilience.

ANDHealth CEO Bronwyn Le Grice steps us through key report data from 317 emerging high growth potential digital health companies across Australia. Each of these companies has been supported in some way by ANDHealth since 2017.

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