Startup Advances Biosensing

In 2022, Australian Health Journal begins coverage of the Australian Medical Technology Startup industry with companies that have gone beyond concept and have in place a timeframe for market access. Along the way they still have challenges, including reimbursement, clinical trials and funding, yet the companies are run by strong management leadership.

The first company in the series is Melbourne based Nutromics looking to solve some of the biggest healthcare challenges, by delivering on a mission to revolutionise precision medicine with Continuous Molecular Monitoring (CMM). Nutromics is developing biosensor technology integrated into a small and unobtrusive wearable smart patch.The software solution aims to be flexible and designed to connect with mobile and web solutions for integration with consumer health software and hospital platforms.

Australian Health Journal spoke with Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Peter Vranes and Hitesh Mehta on the development of the Nutromics’ CMM platform to provide clinicians with continuous, and real-time insights into drug monitoring (vancomycin to start), assisting with dosing and improving patient outcomes. In 2021 Nutromics secured AUD$5.7million of funding from private investors.

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