Founder makes mobility reality

Shawn Wigham as Managing Director of Hospital Products Australia (HPA), runs a successful business providing equipment to Australia’s health care teams in aged care, hospitals and day-hospital procedure centres.

But what most may not be aware of, is his rapid growth since starting the business in 2013 having just been in health care a few years earlier. Being part of a 2nd generation health care family, Shawn learnt from his father on site and at trade show visits overseas. Prior to HPA, he spent 2 years working in fit-outs of operating theatres, neo-natal and general population ICU, throughout being more fascinated with what he saw.

It was from humble beginnings in 2013, and with no clients, that HPA commenced operation, gradually celebrating success. Today HPA has an extensive team around Australia, supplying capital medical equipment. The company has 4 divisions; Patient Monitoring and Life Support, Surgical, ICT and Infrastructure.

Shawn and his HPA team have been involved with initial pandemic response in 2020 with ventilators and more recently, for vaccination hubs in 2021 with telehealth carts providing mobility to health workers and for patient communication with family. Some of these telehealth carts needed to be assembled and installed quickly to accomodate health department needs across Australia during the COVID-19 vaccination drive.

Today and going forward, changes in the work place, within the health setting, are being driven by HPA through the design of new equipment involving multiple manufacturers when unique challenges arise, mobility in accessing information and removing touch points for infection through facial recognition and AI.

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