Smart technology in wound care

Santosh Kaur is a passionate registered nurse and mother of a 5 year old. She has worked in healthcare for over 15 years from frontline to senior management/executive roles. She practiced as a doctor in India, successfully running her private practice before moving to Australia in 2009 and becoming a nurse. Throughout her journey around wound care, she was frustrated to see the simple gaps in wound care resulting in negative patient outcomes. Santosh is the founder of SmartHeal which launched in 2020. 

SmartHeal is a technology alternative to manual measurements and manual sharing of important wound data, replaced with a no touch technique. It aims for healthcare professionals to have live remote access to wound data, make wound assessments and assist with speech to text notes thus saving time, cost and people. SmartHeal also aims to assist healthcare professionals in providing optimum wound care by analysing the wound tissue for infection, moisture and providing suggestions for suitable dressing. Source:

Australian Health Journal spoke with Santosh prior to another startup pitching contest (where SmartHeal won).

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