Navigating the health system for mental health support

Senior professionals and middle managers are experiencing increased burnout and stress, leading to higher alcohol consumption, and there is a need for better support and resources for mental health and addiction treatment in Australia, according to Ruth Limkin, Founder of The Banyans and Chief Development Officer at parent Sana Health Group.

“Burnout and stress is likely due to the immense pressure and crisis management they have been facing, leading to a need for self-care. Middle managers are more likely to take out work stress on their family, so it’s important to have conversations and provide support.”, says Ms Limkin.

Alcohol consumption has increased significantly during COVID, with one in three senior managers and 50% of middle managers and the wider workforce drinking more when stressed, including day drinking while working from home.

Australian Health Journal spoke with Ms Limkin, on the Sana Health treatment centres in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay having different client types, with some people self-medicating undiagnosed mental health conditions, and it can be confusing for them to find help.

Sana Health Group offers a wide range of practitioners and treatment programs for mental health, addiction, and eating disorders in Australia. However Ms Limkin raises the issue that in primary health GPs need more funding and support for better patient care and understanding of available options.

“The environment where you receive care affects the care you receive, and it’s important to help patients navigate the healthcare system and understand their treatment options.”, says Ms Limkin.

According to Ms Limkin, healthcare professionals need more resources and time to collaborate with patients and provide holistic care for better results in the Australian health system.

Practitioners need time to work collaboratively with patients using evidence-based research and at Sana Healthcare centres, a more holistic approach to wellbeing  is taken to deliver better results.

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