Strong primary care nursing solutions for a healthier Australia

In the lead up to the Australian Federal Budget in May 2023, Australian Health Journal reached out to peak health industry bodies to hear about their priorities, either noted in pre-budget submissions lodged with Federal Government in January 2023 or in recent forums such as the Strengthening Medicare Taskforce.

Others have stated their priorities directly with Federal Government. Through these interviews, AHJ gives a final opportunity to communicate to all health stakeholders, the funding needs for a range of priorities. These range from new models of care to pilots and wholesale, system improvements to building more sustainable workforces to help grow certain sectors of the health system

The CEO of Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA), Ken Griffin spoke with Australian Health Journal about the following:

  • APNA President Karen Booth representing Primary Care Nursing in the Australian Government led Strengthening Medicare Task Force
  • The current key challenges in primary care nursing
  • Programs on diversity and student placement proposed in APNA’s pre-budget submission to Federal Government
  • A proposed initiative called Nurse-Supported Self-Care, with broadening role primary care nursing would play in the community

And lastly Ken talks about primary care nursing able to make an impact in aged care through Government funding, to support a residential aged care workforce that will only come into existence from 1st July 2023. He also talks about nurses needing accommodation assistance when moving to regional and remote locations in Australia.

In closing Ken talks about Government needing to “catchup the care for chronic disease” with support for multiple workforces including allied health and multidisciplinary teams. To alleviate the pressure on hospitals, workforce policies need to be assessed to be able to deliver the necessary assessment and management of chronic disease.

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