Warning signs of substance abuse and addiction

Tara Hurster, is the CEO of The TARA Clinic and a psychologist who started working within the area of addiction in 2010. The TARA clinic, short for Therapeutic Addiction Recovery Assistance, recently started offering online programs to overcome and recover from addiction. 

Tara spoke with Australian Health Journal about the early warning signs of anxiety and stress in health staff and executives, including irritability, changes in sleep patterns and diet leading to more serious mental health decline. These behaviours and symptoms increase the risk of substance abuse that could take the form of excessive smoking, drinking alcohol and drug use, porn, sex and gambling.

As Australian health care workers continue to manage COVID in the community, in wards and in management and policy discussions, the end of 2022 is a good time to consider some of the self help techniques and when to consider professional help.

This interview does not replace the need to consult your own trusted GP, psychologist or other suitably qualified medical professional. 

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