Artificial Intelligence (AI) in clinical trials and clinical care

Australian Health Journal today continues a major episode release on Technology Aided Healthcare Delivery, with part 2 on Artificial Intelligence in trials and clinical care. Interviews were captured at AI, Machine Learning & Robotics in Health conference in October organised by Informa Australia.

In this second release, we hear from the following:

  • Professor Erwin Loh, National Chief Medical Officer and Group General Manager of Clinical Governance, St Vincent’s Health Health Australia

Professor Loh spoke to Australian Health Journal reporter Anne Dao on AI in clinical care for decision support and in clinical trials for patient selection. When implementing AI, Professor Loh talks about the need to ensure patient safety and are done so in an effective manner.

  • Dr Malcolm Pradhan Chief Medical Officer, Alcidion

Dr Pradhan talks about integrating smart algorithms into clinical workflows to engage clinical users at the point of care. During his presentation he also spoke on how algorithms are combined to implement both prescriptive and predictive algorithms in real-time across clinical data to simplify key clinical workflows.

  • Dr Stefan Harrer, Manager and Research Staff Member, Brain-Inspired Computing Research, IBM Research Australia, Adjunct Professor, School of Engineering and Information Science, UTS: University of Technology Sydney

Dr Harrer talks about suboptimal patient selection and recruiting techniques, high failure rates of clinical trials contribute substantially to the inefficiency of the drug development cycle and AI techniques to transform key steps of clinical trial design from study preparation to execution towards improving trial success rates. The overall aim being to lowering the pharma R&D burden

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