Continuing education program leads to better conversations

Medicines Australia’s Continuing Education Program (CEP) is designed to educate medical representatives to a recognised industry standard. Dr Tristan Ling, CEP Academic Lead and Project Manager at the College of Health and Medicine, University of Tasmania talks about the 900 students that come through the program each year. 

The CEP is primarily directed at medical representatives working within the prescription medicines industry, but is also recommended to people who may not be currently employed within the industry but would like to pursue a career as a medical representative. It is also available to personnel working for organisations interacting with the pharmaceutical industry.

Medicines Australia CEO Elizabeth de Somer talks about how the CEP program provides the information needed by medical representatives, that talk to health care professionals, talk with accuracy, balance and in an evidence based manner about their products.

Australian Health Journal spoke with recent CEP graduates Samantha Wicks, Christopher Lems and Megan-Anne Jefferys on their experiences in the program and how it positively impacted their confidence and knowledge of the industry.

The CEP is currently offered online through the University of Tasmania’s Unit for Medication Outcomes Research and Education (UMORE), which is housed in the University’s Pharmacy Division.

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