Episode 3 Season 1

Australian Health Journal Episode 3 Season 1

 In this episode we report on devices shown at the 2018 CEBIT AUSTRALIA show, Early Career Cancer Researcher and Parkinson’s Disease.

– My Medic Watch illustrates the technology now available to better understand falls by collecting data and allowing sophisticated notification possible between carers and patients or family members.

– Sana Health Intelligence is developing a Google powered device that can manage the lifestyle goals of the elderly as well as the medication reminders that can continue to give them independance.

– The safety of players experiencing head injury on the field has the potential to be more evidence based using the Concussionometer developed by Headsafe IP. The device allows medical and sporting staff to be much more prepared when a head injury has occured.

– Also in the program are the Cure Cancer Australia Foundation Early Stage Researchers talking following a recent symposium on their areas of cancer research. The medical researchers have been funded to allow them to develop research programs with a support structure.

– We also hear from Shake It Up Australia Foundation CEO/Founder Clyde Campbell and Professor Simon Lewis from the Brain And Mind Centre, part of the University of Sydney talk about awareness and current treatments for Parkinson’s Disease.

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